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Are you looking to advance into senior leadership, but keep getting passed over promotion? Were you recently given a larger role or promotion and you are finding it overwhelming to manage all the moving pieces? I help leaders scale into executive leadership and thrive personally and professionally when they get there.

My Story

Over the course of a 20-year career at some of the largest corporations in the world, I have grown my team size, my influence, my income, and even landed a presentation spot in front of Jeff Bezos! However, I have also felt burned out from the emotional toll of work, the rejection of being passed over for promotion (again), and had challenges with my boss, peers and team. From these experiences, I built unique frameworks that ultimately gave me the formula to successfully lead a 10,000 person, global, organization while also balancing friends, family, and personal interests.

I have a variety of programs and options for those who self-sponsored or corporate-sponsored for their coaching engagements. Please click here to book a free call or email me at [email protected] to get started.

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The scaling Leadership Program

This program was developed for senior leaders who want to scale their leadership capabilities as their company, department, or role is expanding. This allows executives to optimize their capability and time as as a leader.

Sample Questions we Explore

  • Am I working on the highest value items in my work day or should I delegate tasks to another individual?
  • Am I dedicating enough time and energy to forward looking strategy?
  • Have I effectively communicated the strategic vision to my employees/vendors/partners?
  • Have I structured processes to scale with the growth of the business?

Takeaways for Participants:

  • Confidence that their leadership style has evolved to meet the needs of a large and/or growing organization
  • Improved performance in the areas of strategic planning, prioritization, and personal leadership
  • Elevated communication to galvanize the organization around the mission
  • Optimization of time for both personal and professional commitments


  • Proprietary self-assessment on scaling leadership behaviors
  • Stakeholder interviews on scaling capability for 360 degree insights
  • 1 to 1 Executive Coaching Sessions led by Reagan
  • Where applicable: Beginning and End of engagement debrief with sponsor

Want to learn more about the Scaling Leadership Program?

Career Coaching for Advancing Women

Are you looking to advance into senior leadership, but keep getting passed over for promotion as “not ready?” This coaching program is designed to help women scale into executive leadership and thrive personally and professionally when they get there.

Through my nationwide research, and as an executive at Fortune 15 companies, I have found that ability, intelligence, and qualifications are not what is holding back women from the C-suite;  it is societally driven beliefs that show up in our relationships at work.

Have you been told your areas of improvement include any of the following:

  • Improved communication
  • Executive presence with Senior Leadership
  • Delegating to and empowering your team
  • Effective relationships with partner teams
  • Being more strategic and less tactical

By practicing Relational Courage, we can transform our relationships at work with our boss, our peers, and our team. This allows us to  advance our careers while moving from self-conscious to self-confident.

Takeaways for Participants:

  • A customized development plan based upon the “real” behaviors that executives are looking for in the promotional process
  • Strategic communication tactics to maximize impact in meetings both 1:1 and at scale
  • Optimization of time for both personal and professional commitments
  • Increased confidence in your ability to scale into executive leadership

Components Can Include:

  • Proprietary Self-Assessment on Scaling
  • Stakeholder Interviews for 360 Feedback
  • 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Reagan
  • Where applicable: Beginning and ending debrief with sponsor

Want to learn more about Career Coaching for Advancing Women

What My Clients Are Saying

Reagan’s coaching has helped us as co-business owners to understand our distinct differences and the value they bring to the success of our business. She has been instrumental in moving our small business forward. She has given us tangible homework and introduced us to business strategies that meet our goals.We always look forward to our coaching sessions for their practicality and the personable interaction with Reagan.

– Co-Founder and Owner, Lizzie & Lou

What My Clients Are Saying

As my coach, Reagan always asked the right thought provoking questions which guided me to reflect on and improve my leadership brand and approach. Her coaching helped build confidence in my decision making and gave me the tools to effectively scale myself and effectively prepared me to take on a leadership role at the next level.

– Sr. Manager, Amazon

What My Clients Are Saying

From my first kick-off coaching call with Reagan, I immediately appreciated her authentic and energetic style, and her ability to use her own corporate executive leadership experience to help me think creatively and holistically about a number of my career questions and challenges. As an ongoing supporter of my corporation’s executive development program, I interact with executive coaches frequently, but my relationship with Reagan was special. I never felt as though I was just a client to Reagan, but that she truly cared about my development and was always in my corner. My sessions with her were deeply valuable to me, and I have (and will continue) to recommend her with great enthusiasm to anyone looking to grow, develop, and pursue a purpose-filled career journey.

– Attorney, Lockheed Martin

What My Clients Are Saying

Working with Reagan helped me refine and evolve my critical thinking processes and allowed me to look at situations from a new perspective. I learned how to apply my skill set to broader and new areas, allowing continued growth through multiple roles in my large corporation. When I joined a new organization, Reagan helped me map out key objective for success, adding structure and organization to my thought processes, enabling me to translate ideas into concrete, tactical actions. The most valuable thing about Reagan is she goes beyond the typical career planning and advice. What Reagan provides is more valuable than that. She teaches you how to think differently and approach problems, challenges, and day-to-day situations in an objectively different way.

Senior Vice President, Affiniti

What I Do

Keynote for Advancing Women

Are you looking for a way to help women advance into senior leadership roles, and thrive personally and professionally when they get there? In this keynote, Reagan shares her proven framework, The People Pyramid which reveals executives’ honest conversations in the promotional process and how Relational Courage can move women from self-conscious to self-confident.

Keynote for Leaders and Sponsors

Do you identify and invest in high potential female talent, only to have them passed over for promotion cycle after cycle? Does your executive leadership team need fresh and innovative approaches to increase the number of women in executive roles? In this talk, Reagan covers the best practices from leaders in her nationwide research.

Executive and Career Coaching

Are you looking to advance into senior leadership, but keep getting passed over promotion? Were you given a larger role or promotion and need help managing all the moving pieces? As a proven leader, and executive coach, I specialize in helping professionals scale their leadership to into senior roles, and thrive personally and professionally when they get there.
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