Reagan Cannon


What I Do

Keynote for Advancing Women

Are you looking for a way to help women advance into senior leadership roles, and thrive personally and professionally when they get there? In this keynote, Reagan shares her proven framework, The People Pyramid which reveals executives’ honest conversations in the promotional process and how Relational Courage can move women from self-conscious to self-confident.

Keynote for Leaders and Sponsors

Do you identify and invest in high potential female talent, only to have them passed over for promotion cycle after cycle? Does your executive leadership team need fresh and innovative approaches to increase the number of women in executive roles? In this talk, Reagan covers the best practices from leaders in her nationwide research.

Career and Executive Coaching

Are you looking to advance into senior leadership, but keep getting passed over promotion? Were you given a larger role or promotion and need help managing all the moving pieces? As a proven leader, and executive coach, I specialize in helping professionals scale their leadership to into senior roles, and thrive personally and professionally when they get there.

What my customers are saying

“We consistently invite Reagan back to speak to our C-Level women mainly because she can relate as a global executive and because we get tangible results from her techniques.”

Kathryn Tack, Founder C-level Forum

“Reagan was brought in to speak on practical ways to transform organizational talent management practices. This particular session was virtual, but I felt like she was right in front of me.”

Favor Lee, CPA, AICPA & CIMA Women’s Summit Committee Member

“The most valuable thing about Reagan is she goes beyond the typical career planning and advice. She teaches you how to think differently and approach problems, challenges, and day-to-day situations in an objectively different way.”

SVP, Affiniti

“As my coach, Reagan helped me build confidence in my decision making, gave me the tools to effectively scale myself, and prepared me to take on a leadership role at the next level.”

Sr. Manager, Amazon


Reagan’s Rule

Managing humans is messy. But if done with heart, it can be the most rewarding part of your career.

Reagan’s Rule

Don’t name drop to get things done. Build relationships so your colleagues will want to get things done for you.

Reagan’s Rule

Don’t wait on an invitation to innovate. Advancement requires proactive risk taking.

Reagan’s Rule

Don’t be a one-dimensional leader in a multi-dimensional world.

Reagan’s Rule

You will face disappointment. How you handle it will determine your career.